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Elerangbe/Epe Corridor of the New Lagos

The Elerangbe and Epe corridor of the New Lagos area promises to be one of the best areas one can invest in property and land with the sureness of ample and immediate returns on investment made. Bounded by Dangote Refinery, the Airport and a Sea Port, one can rarely go wrong with this sort of investment.

The Dangote refinery, on its own, is certain to boost the entire region as the refinery has been projected not only to operate optimally but also a threat to European refineries with the potential to service the entire Sub Saharan African region. (culled from https://punchng.com/dangote-oil-refinery-poses-threat-to-european-plants/amp).

With diverse upcoming estates in this corridor, Check D’Deck Limited promises to give to subscribers the best of both worlds, a comfortable residential estate with close proximity to all economic drivers in the region.

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  1. I will like to to know the full costs, hidden and open charges on the estates you are promoting in lekki epe axis. Send the details n title as applicable.

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