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Habits to avoid when dealing with your Real Estate Consultants/Agents

The process of buying a property can be tasking for both a real estate agent and a property buyer. Buyers have the agent to support them through the buying process but buyers should note that the agent can’t be all things to them.

There are some things buyers do unintentionally that really could ruin their relationship with an agent. Below are a few of them:
Making an unjustifiably low offer:
Imagine a situation where a seller puts up a property for N30 million and a buyer offers to pay N5 million! Expecting the seller to shave off as much as 80% of the asking price is a ludicrous thought. Unjustified lowball offers could be translated to a lack of interest in a property or better still a lack of knowledge in property prices.
Constantly ‘changing your mind’ about what you want:
It’s alright to have a change in your preferences on what you want in a property but when it becomes a constant occurrence, it might just be an indication you are not serious about purchasing that property. Agents don’t get paid until a sale has been made therefore prolonging your property search by being indecisive is another red flag.
The above may appear insignificant but once people see you as being one not to be trusted, you lose your credibility and risk being tagged as such by persons who would have been in a position to help you negotiate and secure a transaction.
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