4Bedroom Duplex for sale @N30Million with 3 Room BQ

  • Location
    Abule Pan by Eleko Junction Ibeju Lekki Lagos. Less than 3mins to Amen Estate.
  • Size of land
  • Details of the environment
    Developed area. Churches and Mosque nearby. Road motorable.
  • Energy
    PHCN installer. Solar Inverter wiring done.
  • Water state
    Borehole installed and running water in the house.
  • Condition of the house(new or used)
    Built in 2019.
  • Furnished or not.
    Not furnished.
  • Security details
    Security Doors and neighborhood watch.
  • Parking lots
    Ample parking space.
  • Toilet, bathroom and kitchen details.
    All ensuite. Kitchen big with modern amenities.
  • Parlour and room sizes
    Massive Parlor and Rooms.
  • BQ
    3room Bungalow BQ
  • Ante Room
  • Family Lounge
    Upstairs lounge.
  • Pantry
  • CCTV
  • Intercom
    Gate and inside house installed.
  • Ceiling speakers
  • Solar system wiring.
  • ☎08099291672, 08088349221

Apartments on Olabanji Olajide, Lekki Phase 1 @60 Million

3 out 4 apartments for sale
Each apartments has;

  • 4 en-suite bedrooms
  • open living and dining space,
  • lovely sized kitchen.
  • Ample parking space in the property
  • Asking 60m each apartment
  • 750 sqm
  • C of O available
  • ☎08099291672, 08088349221

4Bedroom Spacious Terrace Duplex for sale @N37Million

  • Location: Ikota Lekki, Lagos
  • Fully Serviced Estate @30k per Month
  • Service Facilities @30k
  • Steady Electricity
  • Uniform Men Security
  • Cleaning of Common Areas
  • Waste Disposal
  • Sewage Disposal
  • Central Sticker
  • 3/4 Fumigation
  • Water Maintenance(Reverse Osmosis)
  • Secured Call Estate
  • Smart Multi Room Audio System
  • Apps/Keypad Controlled (First Fix)
  • In built AC Piping
  • Cabling for DSTV in all Rooms
  • Water treatment plant(R.O)
  • Good Drainage
  • Buyers Choice
  • Superb Compound Space
  • Giant Sized sitting room & bedrooms
  • Integrated Security Network
  • Highly Detailed Finishing
  • Big Room Sized BQ
  • Installed CCTV
  • Governors Consent.
  • ☎08099291672, 08088349221

5Bedroom + 4Bedroom Fully Detached Duplexes with BQs for sale

  • Location: Chevron Lekki Lagos.
  • N55m[4Bedrooms Fully Detached]
  • N70m[5Bedrooms Fully Detached]
  • Video Bell
  • Wall Audio Bluetooth Device
  • High Quality Mahogany Doors
  • Water Heaters
  • Serene Environ
  • Highly Secured Estate
  • Security House
  • Detailed and Neatly Finished
  • Very Spacious Compound(6 Car Space)
  • Installed CCTV
  • Very Spacious Sitting room and rooms
  • Title: Governors Consent.
  • ☎08099291672, 08088349221

Luxury 4Bedroom Semi Detached Contemporary for sale! @N37million

  • Location: Ajah Estate Lagos.
  • Pure Class & Luxury
  • Mama’s Best Kitchen Modern Design
  • Buyers Choice
  • Superb Compound Space
  • The King Interior Design
  • Highly Detailed Finishing
  • Big Room Sized BQ
  • Highly Secured Call-to-enter Estate
  • Title: Governors Consent.
  • ☎08099291672, 08088349221

4Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex with BQ for sale! @N65 million

📌📌Ikota Lekki Lagos.

🕹Detailed and Neatly Finished.


Title: Governors Consent.

☎ 08099291672, 08088349221

Exotically Fully Furnished 5Bedroom Massively Sized Fully Detached Duplex with BQ + Indoor Swimming Pool for sale! @N120M

Location: Chevron Lekki Lagos.

🕹Dubai imported Luxury Furnitures
🕹Outdoor Lounge Area
🕹Installed Working ACs
🕹Smart Flat-Screen Tv sets
🕹Secured indoor Swimming Pool
🕹Superb Compound Space
🕹Giant Sized sitting room & bedrooms
🕹Highly Detailed Finishing
🕹Big Room Sized BQ
🕹Highly Secured Call-to-enter Estate
🕹Installed CCTV

Title: Governors Consent

☎ 08099291672, 08088349221

5Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex with BQ for sale! @N54M

Locaion: Ajah(By Abraham Adesanya) Lagos.

🕹Wall Audio Bluetooth Device
🕹Water Heaters
🕹 Serene Environ
🕹Secured Estate Call to Enter
🕹Security House
🕹Detailed and Neatly Finished
🕹Very Spacious Compound(5 Car Space)
🕹Installed CCTV
🕹Very Spacious Sitting room and rooms

Title: Governors Consent

☎ 08099291672, 08088349221

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