Frequently asked questions

Q1. WHERE IS SERENITY GARDENS ESTATE LOCATED?  (A) SERENITY GARDENS ESTATE is located just off T-Junction by Epe Resorts, Epe Main Town. It’s about Forty five (45) minute drive from Ajah bus stop.

Q2. WHO ARE THE OWNERS/DEVELOPERS OF SERENITY GARDENS ESTATE? (A). CHECK D’ DECK HOMES & SERVICES, a Leading Real Estate Company with offices in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos State and Owerri, Imo State.

Q3. WHAT TITLE DOES SERENITY GARDENS ESTATE HAVE? (A). Excision, Deed of Agreement with Land Owners and Lagos State Government Approved Survey Plan.


Q5. WHAT ARE THE PAYMENT STRUCTURE? (a) Outright payment is N950.000.00 only per plot (ii) Installment Payment: Pay an initial deposit of N200,000 and spread balance over a period of 1 year (iii) Daily Payment: N1,000/day (iv)Weekly Payment: N6000/week (v) Monthly Payment: N28,000/month (b) Commercial plot are not being sold yet. (c) Corner piece plots attract additional 10% of land cost. (d) Change/Correction of Name(s) attract N 10,000 charges  (Subject to review ) (e) Transfer of Ownership attract 10% of land cost N.B :- Non- payment of the monthly installments as at when due shall be treated as a fundamental breach of contract which could result in termination or renovation of the contract. OR attract 10% default charge of the monthly installment payment.


Q7. IS THE ROAD TO THE ESTATE MOTORABLE? Yes the road to the estate is motor able, Road network will also be provided inside the estate.

Q8. WHAT OTHER PAYMENTS DO I MAKE APART FROM THE PAYMENT FOR THE LAND? (a) Deed of Assignment: N125,000 only per plot. (Subject to review) (b) Blue copy survey fee: N200,000 only per plot. (Subject to review) Survey plan with company’s name attract double charges (c) Development fee: N250,000 for all estates (d) Corner plot demarcation: N30, 000 only per plot (Subject to review).

Q9. WHEN DO I MAKE THE OTHER PAYMENT? (A). (i) Survey plan and Deed of Assignment payment can be made at time of payment, (ii) Development Levy will be determined later.(iii) Corner plot Demarcation is N 30,000 per plot payable after payment for land and before Physical Allocation of plot.

Q10. WHAT DO I GET AFTER THE INITIAL DEPOSIT? A. Starters pack comprising a letter of acknowledgement of subscription, receipts of payment.

Q11. WHAT DO I GET AFTER COMPLETING PAYMENT FOR THE LAND? (a) Completion Payment Receipt, Deed of Assignment, Certificate of Allocation & Survey Plan.

Q12. CAN I START CONSTRUCTION OR BUILDING ON THE LAND NOW?  You can start building on the land after Physical Allocation.

Q13. IS THERE ANY RESTRICTION REGARDING THE TYPE OF BUILDING IN THE ESTATE? (A). No but all building design must conform to the required set back of building control of the estate and such design would be approved by the company and with LSG afterwards.

Q14. CAN I RE-SELL MY PLOT/PROPERTY? Yes subscribers who have paid up on their land can re-sell their plot(s). CHECK D’DECK HOMES would require the seller to furnish the company with details of the buyer.        (b). Charge of 10% of the land consideration (Covering Transfer Documentation Fee shall be paid to the Company by the buyer).

Q15. CAN I PAY CASH TO YOUR AGENT?  We strongly advise that cash payment should only be made to CHECK D’DECK HOMES at its designated Bank. Otherwise, cheque(s) should be issued in favour of CHECK D’DECK HOMES. We shall not accept responsibilities for any liability that may arise as a result of a deviation from the above instruction.



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